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She doesn't believe to can not see clearly at present condition by Chen Mo Nong's intelligence.But her Hao not arrestment so keep on making a mess of with the leaf autumn?
"Under the certain condition, we are to appropriately express our own position."Sung Yu book says to the younger sister.
"I am understand how do."Sung parable smiles to nod.
"Did not you hate her?"Sung Yu book looking at the younger sister's reaction, the look in the eyes cajolery ground asks a way.
"Hate?Why to want to hate her?Is long of quite good, the artistic skill is again good, the bed last effort is also quite good------The man like this isn't very good.Originally I still want to wrap one small white face like this, be since free now.Also the nothing important can not accept."Sung parable says with smile with crafty look.
The facial expression of Sung parable seriously get up, say to the younger sister very in earnest:"Parable, I remind you.He is a very dangerous man, you had better not and with ease provoke him."
Sung parable allows of no to place to deny of smile, once turned round to toward a leaf to shout a way for autumn:"The autumn of the leaf, you are the most handsome.Is continuous, we support you.Sung parable suddenly made a noise to break assembly hall that uncanny calmness, the whole assembly hall blasted open a pot of gruel a while.
Those listen to the ground understand China language of DODELs hear have the woman the initiative to express to the admiring of leaf autumn, a facial expressions of are stimulated, and also the not resigned to playing second fiddle ground shouted.Momentary China language, Czech language, India language, French, and Cantonese this that Fu, but return to knot only meaning, all is expression to fancy and support in leaf autumn.
But those native of the places who know that the root knows bottom are deliberating Sung house woman this support of contain an idea, although hear that Chen Jia and Sung house walk the ground is very near, superficially hypocrisy who understand again?
House woman of Sung this is to represent Sung house firmly station at Chen Jia's back?If isn't so.That man why does the so courageous station come out to resist Su Hang's four greatest childes?
Sung allegorically the action undoubtedly add salt in connecting spirited ground wound.Originally want to remove for autumn, the leaf has never thought but anti- be fought of injured all over the body.The opponent that is again that one is very difficult to tie up in Sung house, has Sung house that sturdy politics lends dint rising certainly can not block, so Su Hang is four to just cooperate to inhibit.Chen Jia and Sung house ground's forming alliance is the affair that they would not like to see very much.
Does the important cause give up the old grudge to the leaf autumn for Sung house?Oneself cans not do it and afraid of Han You to traverse to also can not do it.Connect spirited to know.If oneself advises Han You to traverse endurance ground temporarily words, afraiding of Han You to traverse will immediately jilt to walk a person.
"Eldest brother, these two in the last yearses.The step of Sung house was more and more big."Han You traverses the direction of lookinging at Sung parable, one face sneer the ground say.
"Yes.Can we have what way?Can not break their source of incomes again?"Connect spirited one face wry smile.He pours to hope that Han You traverses to make moves to deal with Sung house, this boy be the background in the Yan city crustily.
"Su Hang four greatest households already a long time, I ain't to do hope to see appear the fifth household again, even don't hope that the original four greatest householdses have a drive crowded drop.This benefits that not agrees with to match us."Han You traverses to say with a smile.
Connect spirited to wish, if the existing Su Hang's four greatest householdses would be been crowded by Sung house, that most probably is Guo Jia.Guo Jia originally be depend some tops don't get a ground thing hair house of set noodles of, these year although at make every effort of wash white, and on politics and the economy large-scale investment.Can still and underground of some dark influences have close contact.
If true someone hard gets up.They are to solve something to drop most easily.But several not mutually other house, doing the ground is a regular business, and then have the relation of everyone the noodles dish root interleave
"Some matters we can not impede."
"Always need to try ground."
"Ha ha, become to shine on how to haven't pleased that bedlamite?"Connect spirited to become overdo to export see past.
"Gao Ren, always have so then ground eccentricity."
Guo Cheng shines on to urgently and in a hurry walk fore noodles, that eccentric carries on the shoulder lance Wu belly one step three flutter ground to walk on the behind.

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