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Once the bedlamite come in, see platform the center be subjected to leaf of the public attention autumn.
Compared with 2 people's ground combat last time.The leaf of today the autumn look in the eyes is sharp-edged.It was all full of to kill an idea of Su all over.
Finally got mad, very good.
The eccentric carries on the shoulder lance.The Deng Deng Deng ground will jump up Taiwan.
The weird foppery that sees eccentric, and the ragged lance of hand inside, under the set of audience Hua ground one smiled.
Connect spirited how please does the monster like this appear on stage to have a competition?
"Does the war deny?"What about eccentric wear a big mouth to say with smile.
"Fight."The leaf once turned round autumn to looking at eccentric.
"Does the true war deny?"
"It is true to fight.You can pull out sword."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.He understands the meaning of this monster.
"What about your weapon.I always have never seen."The eccentric carries on the shoulder lance to say.
"That will see you to force me to use it."The autumn of the leaf smilingly says.
"Good.That I----Ge------It is sorry, eat too satisfiedly."While hiccuping, eccentric a saint that is very round red to rush toward female the fruit is from the throat in sprayed out.
Under the set of person simultaneously feel disgusted, part again drive he this vulgar appearance to induce a smile.
"It is very fair."The leaf autumn point nods.He knows this eccentric why eats so many things, he is for attaining equity.Oneself because and front three people have already fought along while, and still got hurt.If he appears on stage this time, affirmation takes advantage of.
But he doesn't want to have his own cheapness, would not like to chop down oneself's two knives again, can strongly eat.Taking in stomach is too heavy of the food is in fact also a kind of burden.
"That starts."The eccentric point nods and towards a set bottom to shout a way:"You, all roll out for me."
"Feed, why don't show us?You not is have a competition?"
"Be.All before can see, why don't we go?"
"Connecting is little, how can so?"
"We want to see a handsome boy, again not is see you.You with what want to kick out us?"
Set descend the Ji Ji Cha Cha the ground fight, eccentric by hand the original lance pound the wodden post of platform edge.Is black plank to say:"Why?Because now we are to truely learn by exchanging views.Is the front this boy to stir your se simpletonses to have fun.All roll.Roll ground from a distance."
Connect spirited and Guo Cheng to shine on to see one eye, lead off to outside walk.Although other persons would not like to give up this superior's of to can see even go out spiriteds, don't be eager to do well in everything to make sex ground to stay as well in the outside definitely.
Was most depressedly those women, originally still wanted to see more leaf's several eyes for autumn.Can but drive this eccentric to kick out.Although don't dare to hurtle up to bite his two people, scold him in the behind several be still courageous.
The persons who wait until this inside in the house all spread only, and someone helps to close a room door behind.The eccentric suddenly jumps down Taiwan.Raise sword to toward roof to simultaneously and wildly knock, in a short while of the effort jumped up again platform.
"It is all right.I have already knocked all supervision equipmentses."The eccentric says.
"Please."The leaf autumn list dided to invite a ground of signal.
A burst of pleasing Long Yin Sheng rings out, that originally be laughed at is like the lance that picks up in heap from the garbage suddenly penny is two, that outside 1 F livings a full copper to embroider ground to be just a sword hull.But the sword body unsteadily tremble, the sword annoys pressing, although the end launch,have already had a cold idea set of.
This belongs to sword in sword and hides sword in the sword.If if to the sword like this doesn't have the words of understand, at the time of fighting let to recruit in people very easily.
"Who offend first?"The eccentric asks a way.
"I offend."The autumn of the leaf a change originally passive defend of power.The body quickly revolves.While turning to the eccentric after death, one punch to his the empress heart place Tong past.
Also disappear eccentric to turn a head, the lance in the hand was like to grow eyes ground to work properly a snake sort to inherit to come over, sword point exact center leaf autumn ground boxing heart.
This is the wonderful place of soft sword, if use of good, the whole bodies can take precautions against.But if using isn't good, may be harmed by it very much,
The eccentric doesn't belong to the latter naturally.
Leaf autumn harvest boxing, then squat down down a the autumnal winds of 380 degrees sweep to shed leaves to sweep a leg to offend it dish.

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