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The leaf autumn Yang pours.Then the body again start to play.If feet long pike, kick the soft sword sword of winning the eccentric body.The body occupies vantage points of to eccentric blunt past.
Leaf the shot in autumn one punch.But hit at the eccentric pass over here a ground of sword hull on one's own initiative up.The autumn of the leaf sees him after pulling out the sword still don't throw away sword hull to know that his affirmation is to have another function.Indeed as expected not it anticipate.
"The soft sword ground capability didn't make progress."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
".Just started."Soft sword eccentric says and again and lightly trembles a wrist, as if Long Teng's the world, the sword spirit maneuvers.Surroundings silver light flicker, the Bian isn't pure that is the true body that is vain.
Connect spirited although they left that room,still miss an inside of combat.Hear an inside the Mao regard as ring and the eccentric Si roars a ground of voice, can imagine the combat of inside will vigorous arrive what extent.
Connect the spirited originally thinks that the supervision room that go to club watches through an equipments and have never thought a staff member who supervise and control the room to soon make a phone call to make collective report at the orchid, inside of the supervision equipments is all out of order.Is public and helpless, can guard at the door.
"Mo thick elder sister, you say that the leaf can beat for autumn lead that eccentric?"Sung parable walks to Chen Mo Nong's in front and asks a way.
"Ability."Chen Mo Nong affirmatively nods.
"How so certain?"Sung parable doubt ground asks a way."They once beat."Chen Mo Nong says.Last time leaf the autumn took advantage of, always can't fail this time.
".Unfortunately I can't see.Good monster is who?Hereafter stay a long hair to carry on the shoulder break sword is a big Xia?Unexpectedly daring to rush through us to go out is really how unreasonable."Sung parable thinks of that chief criminal, the stuffy air of one belly.
Living that eccentric spirit of what parable one person of Sung, all be expeled comer by him to have no one not angry.However those people due to connect the face of spirited, inconvenient speak.But connect spirited for letting that eccentric obtain victory for them, wash to rinse a quilt a leaf autumn the humiliation been subjected to on body.So would like this compromise him.
Be expeled a door in own site, afraiding of the person of the most depressed in the mind was him.
Until greater half after the hour, voice and cry voice in fighting of the indoor just Ga however.
Be getting over?
A you see me, I see you, so mutual to see.
Who victory?
This is to connect a spirited the problem that they concern most of Chen Mo Nong.
"Want to go in and see?"Guo Cheng shines on to looking at to connect spirited to ask a way.
Connected spirited to see one eye Chen Mo Nong, and then waited for two minutes, see an inside still obscure, say:"Go in and see."
Push away a room door, everyone a flow out but go into.Then be frightenned by the scene that is at present.
Did the noodles war happen here?
The platform one of game is in total disorder, the wodden post is chopped down a cut of, horizontal seven hard eight of cast away ground up, also have in a chair that unexpectedly flies to the distance grandstand.The carpet on the platform is also brought about, used what sharp weapon row fragmented and disorganizedly.
All don't know 2 people to are how to learn by exchanging viewses, will run to the grandstand there.There of the chair also poured greater half, lacking little of arm is more leg.The pendant lamp of roof is getting grounder, the ceiling also appears together and an of fracture.
Connect spirited to even doubt that two of them basically didn't have a competition, but specialized at in make to break.
More let what him threw up blood BE, leaf the autumn but station is in total disorder in that one in smilingly looking at them, the eccentric is silent the language ground don't fall to sit on the ground, the lance casts away foot.
Connect spirited body a burst of infirmity, pay to can not hold up, almost will fall down on the ground.Station beside of Guo Cheng shine on facial expression equally embarrassed, all forget and hand to connect spirited 1.
"The autumn of the leaf, you are all right?"Chen Mo Nong asks a way, the corner of mouth hangs to lightly smile an idea.
"Have no matter son."The autumn of the leaf shakes head.On the body still many a few sons, the sword of this abnormal condition more and more quick.

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