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The university student's lesson is originally little, he a month needed to come over six section lessons to go.But leaf autumn more than a months didn't have a class, so make people feel that time led for a long time.See a leaf sit to reign to place for autumn now up, all be like didn't meet in about a year.
Chen Huai En towards a leaf point to nod for autumn and then start fascinating powder of oneself presenting a ground of teaching.The leaf sees the classroom to the autumn and sit a ground of very full, this is the scene that has never seen on other teachers lesson.Have many students because like archaeological knowledge to since then audit, some people then want that coming to listen to what he spoke various is strange to smell anecdotes.
By the time that the autumn of the leaf still borrows to greatly strengthen to talk with Yang Le Li conjectured one eye Ma Wei, he positive face in earnest listen to lesson, the pen in the hand is flying to soon record Chen Huai En speaks of important contents.
Ye Qiu thinks that do this goods really come to study cist knowledge?He really can't deliver in the parking lot that horizontal hit the devil incarnate of person's car and at present student of this good student's image to contact together.
Chen Huai En doesn't seem to be before again so and liked with leaf autumn when the classroom ascended to defend a problem, but section 2 lesson ends, but said to the leaf autumn:"The autumn of the leaf, you go to my office to come to 1."The autumn of the leaf claps blue behind can the hand of heart, toward her to smile, again with Lee greatly strengthen Yang Le beat voice hello, this just walk to Chen Huai En's office.
Ran into Chen Hai Liang on the hallway just, saw a leaf for autumn, Chen Hai Liang said with happy look:"The autumn of the leaf.Some days didn't see you?If not that Yang Le comes over to ask for leave for you, I must think the way ascend for you to look for missing person to enlighten."
"Execuse me, teacher Chen.Some matters want to do.Walk too hastily.Can not directly ask for leave to you, have to let Yang Le's help."Leaf autumn apology ground explanation way.Although he doesn't value a student, this identity,he knows, oneself does so in fact is increased a lot of troubles for teacher.Because student's what matter, guide a member to carry a direct responsibility.Oneself so a walk 12 behavior of months aren't worrisome just strange.
Chen Hai Liang claps a leaf the ground shoulder to say with a smile for autumn:"Have no matter son.You not is have me the cellular phone number?Have next time what matter son make a telephone call for me good.All don't know that you exactly have much skill, unexpectedly ability from bind to save to return to his/her own small girl friend in bandit hand----It is alas.Luckily have you help, otherwise I now may drive school to open.Front segment the day want to invite you to drink, arrived bedroom to seek your some times and all said that you haven't come back.Have time today?Drink together?"
Being blue can the heart be kidnap.Although fastenning the leadership has to undertake a partially responsibility, but Chen Hai Liang wants to undertake a main responsibility.This is the usual practice of the China country, if what problem, that is the underneath the person's responsibility, the top person can't have any responsibility.So generally break the law disorderly Ji be greedy for dirty abuse law of is all pair job.Full-time is all astute and courageous is not likely to make any false.
Being blue can heart if be subjected to what hurt, Chen Hai Liang it is very likely consequently being embroiled.The autumn of the leaf will blue can the heart extrication come and was tantamount to help him.Want to ask a leaf to drink to pour for autumn to is also a feeling content to slice.
"Teacher Chen.You don't be getting more polite.Etc. sometimes ground words I invite you to drink.But don't go today, teacher Chen Huai En makes me go to his office and seems to occupy and seek me."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"So?That good, anyway is time and the rise.You as long as don't suddenly disappear again good."
Take leave with Chen Hai Liang, the leaf autumn arrives at Chen Huai En's office.See him just tidy up thing on the office desk, see a leaf come in for autumn, say to him:"I once looked into course form, your behind two sections had no lesson?"

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