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Hear to is to work out own ring problem, the leaf autumn immediately stimulates for the idea, a face smiles idea ground to say:"Thank teacher Chen.I have no matter son today and accompany you to visit elder generation together."
Ye Qiu thought for a while, didn't also clear up how to call the teacher's teacher, simply call elder generation.
Chen En has blackly Audi car, the leaf autumn didn't also take the son of his/her own east to the garage.Chen Huai En drives and carries a leaf autumn to shuttle in the dizzy highway that is leading everywhere to round ground to let people in the Yan city.
"My teacher----The personality is a bit strange.If talk to work son what's wrong, also ask you to forgive much and more."Chen Huai En smiles to say to the leaf autumn.
"Teacher Chen didn't relate to.He is an elder, even if teaching me severals are also as it should be."The autumn of the leaf smiles to nod.
Wish, again strange ability strange over old headman in our house?Deal with the old man cotyledon of so strange Pi for autumn very specialty.
The autumn of the leaf originally thinks in a short while time can arrive and unexpectedly drove and then used greater half for hour.When the car looks in 1 a bit broken-down small come to a stop before the building, leaf autumn all soon asleep.
This small building is a very common common people's houses, and the 2 F of the surroundings the small building is similar, the color is obscure, wall body some shed off, the rust vestige spot spot of front door ground copper lift ring, the step ground cements all shed off and sewed from the cement inside unexpectedly long miscellaneous grass.
The autumn of the leaf originally thinks that can become the person of teacher Chen Huai En, must be learned ground wiser, live in the upscale small area, has the den that the earth frightens a person, in of the library unexpectedly lie prone at in see also see not over during a lifetime.
But have never thought Chen Huai En will take oneself to here, if is a chemisette words, he wants to doubt that this woman takes he to to be so out-of-the-way place is be not plan lawless acts to own body.
Chen Huai En runs up step to button up a wreath and just knocked at door once, the inside spread threatening force to rather and greatly bark for Wang Wang Di.
And this barking isn't a , but 1 flock.Chen Huai En knocked at door behind and then jumped downed step, part from the pocket in the western dress in take out handkerchief to wipe perspiration, simultaneously say to the leaf autumn:"The teacher kept seven dogs.Come to knock on door to all let me scared Dan Zhan each time."
Seven dogs?Good heavens.If this all killing to do dog meat the chafing dish is afraid is must eat greater half month?
"Who?"It is scathingly a voice to Don't mention it shout a way.
"Teacher.It is me.Keep in mind boon."The front door that Chen Huai En walks to appear on stage a rank to toward to close tightly again shouts.
"Oneself comes in."The voice of old man's house still keeps hasing no a short moment ground gentleness.
Chen Huai En's one wipes perspiration a part to say:"Teacher.I enter not to go.Have no key-"
Chen Huai En's words didn't finish saying, up throw to come over an object from this front door.It is a very big copper key.
The autumn of the leaf picks up key to pass to Chen Huai En, Chen Huai En and then sewed from the door in peeped to those dogs and be shouted by the teacher to return to no longer hide at in sneak attack after.This just gingerly opened front door.
Push away front door, the doorway is alongside of to stand the big dog of seven dogs one person's many Gao.These dog pure gray of one color, the hair is disgustingly dirty, but the physical stature is very strong.See to host in addition to doing not take a shower for it, in the aspects of eating of to they still pretty and generously.
These dogs are to once be subjected to special train, see a leaf for autumn and Chen Huai En come in not to charge forward Si to pull and just send out in throat depressed of blare a call.Chen Huai En seems a very afraid dog.The arm that clenches a leaf for autumn, will he crest fore noodles, oneself then hides at his ground after death.
The autumn of the leaf is really in distress situation,their esthetic senses are similar to the woman.See a handsome boy show consideration for bottom in?
Safely walk to the hall, see an old headman being squating down in the house to clean a bronze utensils that is stained with full mud.The old man son body village is emaciated, the head isn't high, but eyes are very and bright, wear a gray full-length gown.The top is greasy to get fed up with, old Gao of the sleeves Wan, black on the hand ground.BE grasping an equally and blackly can not see clearly the towel in color carefully to wipe in the bronze utensils surface.
"Teacher, this again is where the Tao arrive of curio?"Chen Huai En squatted down body one face to try to please ground to say.

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