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"You lost."The old man throws into the remaining son in the hand white jade chess box.Held up cup again.But not hasty sample tea's flavor.
"Meeting why so?"The Yan pleasant breeze facial expression metal graily says.
"A ground of person uses a day, the cloth is a bureau, the person who have uses life time cloth a bureau.We played chess before, this time all is that I lose.This is me ground bureau.I use a bureau of losing the cloth.But you have already formed inertial thinking and think my lose is inevitable.So, this bureau is also getting more successful."
"Is original me am to want to tell you this fan's bottom when I face to walk, but have to advance now.Pleasant breeze don't despise your opponent.Although always is you at what to win now, he has been being losing, but.Don't is till the last one-step.Who don't know the cards in the hand of the other party as well."
"Their house that is old deathless is a layout superior, he teach out a ground of disciple how become again bad?"
"Grandpa.I am getting more understand."Yan pleasant breeze center of earth although the inside was subjected to vibration.But accepted reality very soon.This wasn't a truth of very difficult comprehension, just was always neglected just by him.
"Good.Have recently what action?"The old headman is very satisfied now to grandson's earth's surface, although is tiny to have minor faults,regardless is an artistic skill, intelligence, study ability still accept ability, is already an all inside strong hand.He is still young, have plenty of time to develop.
"Sent violet especially frequently the set beat voice hello for him.The darling does a bodyguard good, if waste again to want to battle out, I will to he is Don't mention it."The Yan pleasant breeze says with a smile.
"Violet?The squad of that wench?"
"Yes.Is very interesting?"The Yan pleasant breeze smiles with crafty look.
"That wench, to the man of leaf's house is a bottom not malicious hand of."The old headman shakes head.
"Yes.So as she is sending to wildly go with camel, I knew the result in nowadays.Well return darling in the green snake obedient, have him at good.Other persons is all group of discards in the my eyes."This is your young business son of one generation, I don't participate in.20 year agos, my ability bums out his Yan city.After 20 years, I don't hope to see your failure as well."
"Grandpa.You stop worrying.I know how to do."The Yan pleasant breeze self-confidence is full everywhere to nod."Just, other how many of old headman how parlance?"
"They?"The old man puts down the cup and looking at one of table some deliver yellow photograph, the noodles are the cloth dress that the five young men are dressed in a soil yellow to wear a yellow hat there station together of appearance, mumbling say:"They also can remain mum."
The cloth cloth is still digesting a leaf that sentence meaning ground the time is for autumn.The autumn of the leaf has already sat on the bed to solve shoelace.
"Do not you return to in the evening?"Grasp in cloth cloth hand Feng claw, ask a way with interrogative look.
"Yes.Have no me how you do?"The autumn of the leaf throws the shoes to the shoe sole to descend, then strips off the coat on the body to put in the part and drew back a quilt to drilled into.His hand still just quilt in stir up, see appearance's seeming is taking off of pants power.
The cloth cloth stared a circle eyes, say:"Your berth ascended.Where do I sleep?"
"You can also with berth up."The autumn of the leaf pulls out the pants with coat and puts together, then pulls a quilt to lie down.Be dressed in clothes to sleep indisposition, the much less top still has buckle Lei to write between each waist.
The cloth cloth puts a hand and says:"Forget it.You sleep good.I sit on the chair to read."
"H'm.The autumn of the leaf closed his bedlamp.Say:"That I slept first.Didn't sleep one for a long time very much safe feel.If you trapped, is a bed to come up to sleep.I believe your ground personal character."
The cloth cloth almost don't give° the nose spirit slanting, don't I still believe your personal character.
After cloth cloth finishes eating that Feng claw, and then eats little Su of a box of bean paste, the small belly has already supported round and smoothly.But the satisfied Ai think Yin desire, the cloth cloth is some to faint drowsy.
In sickroom only have two beds.Is a be taken up by the grandpa, sleep of is sinking.The cloth cloth always can not run to with a sick personnel go to crowded bed?
Moreover a bed but drive this has no gentleman poise ground man to take up.The cloth cloth was more ashamed to go to and push a bed with him.Haven't their relations developed to that top.

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