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"Your grandpa how?"The autumn of the leaf looking at to sleep familiar cloth masters son to say.
"Ate a few gruels to sleep next.The doctor says that being subjected to is cold, the spirit still has some to differ."The cloth cloth is eating Feng claw and answering a leaf the problem of autumn.
The autumn of the leaf saw eye cloth cloth just once lie still is sending forth hot-air bed to the outside, say:"Do we sleep a bed in the evening?"
Is Chinese four match a hospital, decoration ground in the room ancient thou of color joss-stick.The record machine inside is putting a city play master segment of distance Yan autumn son.
Joss-stick smoked curl up, tea fragrant full room.An old a little just in the game.
Old man's hand keeps white son and fall son the slowest, walk each time one step then will in earnest deliberate in a short while.Be apart from in the rules in the chess road, chess breeze moderate atmosphere.But the young man fall son the quickest, almost fall at the old man son after of the moment fall son, stagnation have no, imitate a Buddha the whole exert at the felling for controling.The chess road is wily uncanny and set up the most wide, kill idea Lin however.
"Pleasant breeze, chess breeze more and more and relentless."The old man holds white son not next, but once turned round to once carry after death of rain the day after tomorrow Jing cup, slightly one mouthful after, eyes have absolute being ground looking at the opposite heroic spirit thrives of man.
"Grandpa, are you to want to listen to the true words still keep wanting to listen to false words?"The Yan pleasant breeze says with a smile.
Also stretch hand to touch to cup, connect to infuse two people.If scrutinize under will discover, Ye Sun Liang regardless is the posture for taking tea, still keep carrying the angle of tea, all have nine cents likeness.
"True words again how?Leave words again how?"The old man carelessly presses to go to a white son.
"Grandpa, the leave words are your old proficient in teachings.True words, is the chess that the we two descended for more than 10 years, your set road I touched familiar.So is just next quick."The Yan pleasant breeze says with a smile.Want ~only in own grandpa's in front, he would refrain from rash action the Tai of his own extremely conceited.The time that is other, even if in some big members in place or the third generation prince party in front, he also has no necessity a low key.
Because, all of everythings oneself own today are what in fronts of this teaches.
".You really think have already touched familiar I ground chess road?"The old man says with a smile.
"60%."The Yan pleasant breeze with assurance answers."However if the grandpa wants to change intentionally, I had nothing to say.But if is a person leaves he or she excels most of realm.The capability developed but be greatly giving discount."
The old man slightly sighs and says:"Pleasant breeze, I harmed you."
On the Yan pleasant breeze face of smile gradual Lian of idea to go, say:"Grandpa why says so?"
"Just led to easily fold.And, I am disadvantageously very to your growth for the environment that you provide."
"I ain't understand."The Yan pleasant breeze shakes head."I once was subjected to of frustrate and distress unlike person of those self-made mans is little."
"Yes.But have been having a hope in your heart.Because you know.The distress is for the moment.I will definitely help you, will take your a sea of woes.The in the mind has a mind like this, don't place of the hopeless situation and then living of courage."
"Grandpa, do you have no confidence to me?"The Yan pleasant breeze dark wears a face.One word a ground say.
"Is all right, pleasant breeze, you were optimistic about.Today, it is the last time me to accompany you to play chess."The old man seriously looking at his/her owns grandson, is also oneself life strenuous effort crystallize to say.
Isn't oneself that the disillusion ground is too late?Is down to date and just discover that oneself, the the grandson who is called perfect mankind in fact has a fatally blemish?
"Good."Yan pleasant breeze pensively head in the location.The grandpa can't make unfounded accusations, but he wants to prove more own excellent.Oneself has been his pride.Formerly BE, hereafter BE, always BE.
Old half-way in the bureau be over, 2 people re- fall son, still is an old man to keep white son, the Yan pleasant breeze keeps black piece.After being black first a white, still from the black piece is in advance.
But now the situation is to turn over generally, the Yan pleasant breeze falls son quick, the master son falls son sooner.Don't stop.Time that 2 people all don't need to be considered.

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