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Hear a leaf say chest for autumn, the cloth cloth also cans not controls feelings ground to see toward own chest.The coat is what she strips off before her sleeping, T-shirt in inside white drive who to push chest to up go, the underwear is also untied button, those two regiment powder the meat is revealed tie, is like to blow breath a while of balloon, more and more plump dazzling.
"Is this exactly a son what is the row?"The cloth cloth Wu wears chest, the tears cannot stop flowed down.
"Do I still want to ask you, I sleep ground thoroughly, you run to come over to touch me close I, also grasp my underneath-----Young lady, I am a normal man, 1 but 3 again but three of endure patiently, also pushed away you two, can you tried very hard to again ground to rush toward to come over----"
Is once pushing away two?
Bu Bu remembers oneself was also pushed away by a men in the dream, can that isn't in the flirtation?
Oneself rushed toward to touch him close in the past he?
Sky, this is also the scene in the dream.Oneself is really some on his/her own initiative-----
.Let me die.
The cloth cloth starts to pull a quilt to receive at head up, die also would not like to again dew head.
The in the mind is one regiment snarled hemp, all don't know how handle the circumstance in nowadays just good.
"Everyone acquaints with 1.Now that you hope earnestly so, that my matching with you Be getting better at a time."The autumn of the leaf touched the tooth of the type print and ruthlessly say a Hu before the chest.
The cloth cloth didn't utter a word and hid tiny sob in the body in the quilt.
On crying two to make three to commit suicide by hanging, woman's from ancient times constant sharp weapon.
She so lets on crying leaf's some problems of he or she's bodies that Be getting more sorry and ashamed, just just took over the somebody else's body solution clap a bottom to walk this time people for autumn, the leaf autumn still really didn't to come out this kind of animals matter son.
Although Tang Guo has been insisting thinking that the leaf is an animals for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf pulls a quilt, the cloth cloth Ye ground basically pulls not to open tightly.
The autumn of the leaf also can stretch head into bedding and tightly get she raises to stand of hip and plump chest, say:"I think this affirmation is misunderstanding.I don't know you why suddenly will rush toward to come over to lure me, but I can't------Can't blame and scold you.""This matter son I also have a responsibility, is that what I refused isn't enough resolute.And, after you frequently challenged, I also excited.You are gallantly woman, and the chest is plump, leg again so long------I think at ordinary times should many men steal to take aim you?Lie on a bed with you, you are again so active, I will accept cannot bear is also what feeling includes to wish."
"This matter son passed by, everyone not was thinking again."The autumn of the leaf claps the shoulder of cloth cloth, the comforter says.
" So past?You say that the ground is easy.My body so carelessly gives other people,wants me to consider as what matter son don't take place?"The cloth cloth Wu wears a mouth to cry, the body has muscular spasms more badly.
"Is not your a person again is so?The women were all careless and then gaved body other people."Leaf autumn the small voice say."Say again, I not is first time, you also not is first time, we be is have a dream."
Isn't saying so too shameless?The autumn of the leaf secretly thinks a way.
"What?You with what say that I ain't a first time?"
The cloth cloth Hua ground uncovers a quilt a while, is about to deliver the time of violent wind, the cloth master son suddenly moved to move, she again the Hua ground lay prone down a while and received a quilt in oneself and the body of leaf autumn up.If show grandpa her and leaf autumn dress Shan not the whole ground lie on a bed and estimated to grieve can not.
"Are you a first time?"The autumn of the leaf is interrogative that the ground asks a way.
"Certainly BE."Bu Bu says, uncover quilt dime, want to look for the blood stain on the bed to prove for leaf autumn.
But seek around, didn't find out that son blood stain where.Even still stealthily tore apart own pants Chou Chou, still don't see one silk blood stain.
"How can and so?How can and so?"Cloth cloth the wood however ground sit on the bed, the tears noiselessly falls in.
"It doesn't matter.Don't care this."The appearance that sees cloth cloth, leaf there is some heartaches in the autumn and sit to hug cloth cloth and press her head on the she's shoulder and lightly comfort.
"How can is so?I ain't a casually woman."The cloth cloth more wants to more discommode, the tears was very quick and then wet a leaf for autumn of half side shoulder.
"I know."The autumn of the leaf nods very in earnest.Think of a night sky evening she obtains crazily of scene, wish, your literally getting up was no longer a woman.

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