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Each women has a beautiful body, the everywhere shows unintentionally elegant and elegant.This is the god's masterpiece, send the most considerate gift for the men that works hard at chores for everyday.
The chemisette hearts was all full of to imagine to the first-time sex, that was romantic and fine.The red candlelight flutters bottom, and the oneself beloved man hug to each other together and say to inebriate the person's sweet prattle and feel moving of the other party and smell he takes the flavor of having the light tobacco and kiss, daut, until display the most beautiful body for oneself in front of her, two individuals are very anxious to match two to melt for a, then being got into by him, body and mind a little------
This is the woman should enjoy for the first time of treatment.
First time ha, how precious thing.
Have no so, an unbearable Qi dream, in a daze, once felt pleasant sensation, but had no that kind of to work properly the atmosphere that mutually hands over with meat.
Whatter a mess BE, why didn't oneself bleed?
Not is say that the woman will bleed for the first time?
He says:Anyway I not am a male, you also not is a virgin.
Leaf autumn that sentence profoundly hurt her, this than establish relationship to still make people hard to accept with him.
He is this what mean?Oneself on his/her own initiative the hurl bosom send to embrace, be for wanting to make love with him?
In the his eyes, is oneself a so unbearable woman?
All don't know how to cope with at present matter son, even connect an explosion to cry and scream several courages of all have no.Grandpa but sleep beside, if allow him to know last night ground matter son.Does oneself returns how to live?
Oneself so half sleep half did the dreamlike half realistically throw first time?Numerous oneselfs imagine again infinite cherish of first time?
Bu Bu knows that now is a what kind ground society, thing desire crosscurrent.The public floats Zao, a bottle of beverage of 30 dollars can seek a mother female to play a double to fly, and the virtual game in a game can ascended a young girl's son time and time again.
To some women, that nothing but a tool that can use to exchange oneself to want thing.Is even still very cheap, the lunch boxes of five dollars can betray once.
Two legs are a the ability is rich, and oneself is also enjoying in this process, why don't accept?
Can the cloth cloth is different, she has good family background, enough money flower.Heart Gao Qi Ao again thought is conservative, and imagine love and would like to stay and wait own prince charming.Don't the thickness of ground woman's don't care that film.But she cares.
She is to have the dream ground the woman, but now dream but be broken by the Chuo.
The autumn of the leaf says so much bad say.Cloth cloth still a face in an absent sort of way sit on the bed and eyes glaze over ground to looking at a bed sheet, be like want to give° the bed bottom to see through, want to look for oneself to want to see ground that putting on a colorful color from it.
The autumn of the leaf also feels the reaction that he or she probably dropped a clanger, saw cloth cloth.She should have no and the another man take place to pass to fasten.
But her really hasing no that hymen is also fact, although is still very crowded, very moist, he is unimpeded have no the Yin ground get into and have never what things once impeded.
Is this exactly a son what is the row?
Just shook off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity to rush middle-class family to take off a male hat of place but had no a few leaves autumn really is don't understand this abstruse problem.And, the old headman taught oneself how to recognize cave to beat cave and once taught oneself to kill people to solve corpse, oneself canned be like the Pao D solution cow sort of cut into numerous small pieces: a person, but the old headman have never taught oneself female health physiology knowledge.Have never taught the oneself female's G how to order as well at where.
These problem.The autumn of the leaf has to get he or she to grope for self-educated become useful.
"It is sorry.May be that I have never made to understand.But these problems are all of no account----"The leaf autumn thirsty gives up rashness, all didn't know what.
As for I will be responsible for you of the words of type he can't even speak.Because the man who says these words, so-calledly be responsible for, the nothing but is just the abortion fee that delivers 200 dollars after woman's pregnancy.
Be responsible for?Is very sorry, he negative not responsibility.
But if she if would like to be own women, leaf autumn's pouring is diligently a meeting good to her.
The cloth cloth still keeps hasing no language and just cruelly stared leaf's one eyed for autumn.
"Get up.The sky has already been getting brighter.Your grandpa has to be awake."

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