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Can't be after drinking the influence greatly increase fighting skill Gao a cycle of sixty years or gene break super fill a second person?That still has what make a head, oneself hurriedly pulled Tang Guo and Lin Bao Er to run Ruth.
The gold II is in fact a kind of potential to urge to deliver a liquid, can rise to temporarily paralyze an user ache nerve ground medicine.If an individual isn't afraid of painful, the injury so suffering from can not influence his combat ability.
And this kind of thing still has the function that the potential urges hair, can incubate a person inside the 1.1 drops of ground real strenght in the body all stir up.The felling doesn't arrive ache, the real strenght increases again, and this is this kind of function.
But the side effect of this kind of liquid is also very obvious.Be fight to later on take off dint all over.Want Yao physically disabled to life long want to sit on the wheel chair, the Yao directly dies in battle.
Medicine generally is especially frequently personnel while carrying out a dangerous task, arrive final reckoning just can use.Unexpectedly green snake for breaking a leaf for autumn, but using here up.
Female captain eyes of violet squad finally had a burnt head, as if deep in thought ground the green snake that saw one eye on the stage, and then grope for.From the pocket in touch a smoke order up.
Don't absorb, just allowed it to burn in the hand, be like sacrifice.
"Tang Tang's elder sister, whether he cheats.The somebody else athletes all forbid to drink stimulant ground."Lin Bao Er angrily gravamen ground Rang Rang way.
Shamelessed too much, that disfigured how can so?
Tang Guo is to inwardly worry, just she also really cans not figures out this time what method come out.If say a close one mouthful leaf the autumn can allow him to also is like to eat a stimulant sort ground severe, she early rushed toward to appear on stage.
"The person of violet squad still has backbone very much."The Yan pleasant breeze smiles and flank of the person make fun.
Someone knows that the green snake is his person, some people don't know.He says so that on the other hand is want to prove green snake to own loyalty.The station that someone is fierce to stand in no fear of hopeless situation at from already of troops.Really is proudly that one is worth matter
It is moreover a , like this also want to do green snake a ground of matter son to evade in the body of violet squad oneself.If when the time comes what problem, with have been irrelevant.
Although to some green snake not tunnel, , put clear, green snake is he the first drive leaf autumn dozen the pawn for dropping.
The autumn of the leaf's lookinging at to imitate a Buddha don't have ache consciousness, just that crueltily one feet don't have injury ground green snake to him, the in the mind is also height ground value to get up.See, the combat is truely starting.
The old headman educates oneself all day long to leave ground for retreat, not the ability turned over to open a hand before the game didn't end up allly card.And warn him, the real superior still holds a cards in the hand in hand after the game ends.
Oneself is diligently also doing, didn't meet at ordinary times what too strong opponent, and weigh the bedlamite of sword door try very hard to can also stay successor, especially the set bottom has the Yan pleasant breeze these people at, he even doesn't want to expose to come from personal real real strenght.
Today this is super to fill a second person to still need to force to come from F with all strength not become?
The green snake is to eat head-shaking pill ground around turn around at the leaf autumn of, is looking for one life ground opportunity of shoot~deading.His time combines not much, if the medicine led, he only got to kill a ground of.
The autumn of the leaf is become by him a ground of dizzy, a swoop of acceleration, the one foot starts to jump, one feet Chuai on the chest of green snake, the green snake body is after retreating in a row two like to have no a matter a person general, on the contrary take advantage o a leaf to have a foothold for autumn time of steady end started backstroke.
The green snake is fierce to stand in no fear of hopeless situation to rush at a leaf of autumn, lower the head, think leaf autumn the horizontal waist starts to embrace.
The autumn of the leaf which be willing to let he near body, the body quickly retreats of time, a backward the Yang pour, the hands support ground backward, but raise right foot Gao highland, an after backstroke ground unique door Liao Yin the leg kick out and rush exact center and forward of the green snake across a department.
The unexpectedly green snake just a little bit grinds to a stop, on the contrary speed sooner of kept on rushing toward to the leaf who lies on the ground autumn.

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