the green snake

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Have no flower Qiao of the recruit type completely is solid dozen to on the spot strike and kick.Uniquely and specially is quick, such as strong breeze shower sort, sway to spend the on-looker's eyes.2 people entwine together, constantly the transformation wears directions, eyesight not enough persons all can not see clearly who is who.
It is to the divine spot key quickly and enough and quickly.
Ca!Leaf autumn feels he or she's chest a bright, immediately knew that the circumstance is twice far from good, attacks and occupies behind.Then draw off quickly and backward.
"."Nervously the Tang Guo Wu wears a mouth.The underclothing of leaf autumn is set aside a son.
The leaf sees autumn toward the green snake, the fingernail of this guy unexpectedly the Sen only gleam.That is long long ground nail's imitating a Buddha is a natural weapon sort and send out gloomily ray of light.
Also luckily the leaf autumn discover ground in time, otherwise if the nail ascends poison, oneself again drive his laceration skin ground words, perhaps become a blood.
The modern science and technology level is thus superb, the medicine studied is more fierce matchless.Especially they these especially frequently the medicine used by troops.
"You just determined my confidence like this."The leaf sees himself/herself to the autumn in addition to underclothing drive in addition to laceration, he carelessly other places all the peace or chaos is well, on the whole is let go of heart.Just regrettable can the heart buy of the underclothing.
The green snake doesn't answer as well and again flick the hazy nail stretches to come over to the leaf autumn, so ground concealed weapon's returning is really impossible to effectively guard against.Didn't notice his long nail to unexpectedly there is also extraordinary effect like this before the autumn of the leaf.
Leaf autumn a Yong the spring boxing break to line up to avert from him this to grasp, then uses to glue word Jue to tie up the left hand of green snake, at button up he make him can not return to shrink of time, the thumb suddenly delivers dint, crest the middle finger that live him, put out strength son forward on pushing, the joint of Mao Mao splits a voice to ring out, green snake ground a middle finger gave so to break.
Is a to similarly break to line up to use again, held up the attack of green snake right hand, again holds tight his ground ring finger, and then is upward a , the ring finger also echoes to break.The autumn of the leaf has scruples about to some the fingernail of green snake, the in the mind thinks his finger a root folds a head to settle a dispute son.
Painfully the green snake Si roars, the right hand wants to rob left hand once but don't become, have to endure ache again leg.
Speed of leaf autumn but than sooner, he starts to fly the belly of green snake in one feet Chuai, then the whole body of green snake then flew.
The wodden post of body and boxing on the stage softly falls in after crueltily bumping shot.
The green snake thinks uprising, unexpectedly just on making an effort, throat one mouthful Xing sweetly the flavor dashed forward but up, he tightly closed lightly to shut up.That big the blood be held up after hurtling to maxillary joint, hatch very in a short while after, this just give° that blood to vomit again bottom.
Is just such a to swallow a ground of process, but let the green snake is to once die once general, that kind of the taste eternal life Be difficult to forget.
The direction that the green snake falls on the ground at the right moment towards the face of Yan pleasant breeze and sees him diligently keep poise but look in the eyes sharply arrive him landlord son, the green snake lightly sighs.According to the condition of the injury like this, is should send back come.
But.He may not goes back today.
Crumpled to crumple some hair bulges ground belly, the green snake stretches hand to grope for to take out bottled liquid of the rubber of a gold yellow to come out from the bosom.
Bit open bottle stopper with the tooth, then give°ed that son liquid to pour into a mouth inside.
"I have been thinking that he is a cartilage head.Unexpectedly he the earth's surface still really let person's in different light now today."The camel stands on the on the stage and looking at the action of the green snake and takes light smiling face ground and says.
"Do not organize a task to use the gold II without authorization, does he still want to live?"The crazy despise ground says.
"Live?Do you feel that he returns that the ability is on the hoof?"The camel smiles to shake head."Wildly, you the ground control breath really like."
"Hum.I will challenge his sooner or later."Wildly and ruthlessly stared camel is one eye.Coldly say.
I depend, this not is cheat?
The autumn of the leaf stares big eyes looking at to drink descend a bottle of what trick vivacious be like to have no a matter of person generally green snake, the in the mind ruthlessly curses him.

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