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What Chen Huai En hustled along moved 2 backward and said:"Teacher, please of babysitter?These matter sons make them do good."
"Why to make the somebody else be?Somebody else ten how old young girls with what want to give me this old headman to brush chamber pot?"
"Ha ha, what teacher said BE."Chen Huai En embarrassedly towards a leaf to smile for autumn and says:"Teacher, I last time to the matter son that you said you still remembered?I give°ed the person to bring now, do you see that ring for him?"
Old man son Piao leaf the autumn is one eye.Say:"Keep him waiting.Hasn't the business son in the my hand finished doing.There is a stool sitting by himself/herself.Drink water to pour by himself/herself.-----Need not steep my tea-leaf."
"I ain't hasty.Master son you are first busy."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Walk to flank in the fountain machine, and then picked up tea-leaf of flank to smell smell.Indeed as expected is good tea, hence found out a time of ground cup to make two cup strong teas.
Chen Huai En picks up leaf when the autumn deliver a ground of cup frighten of keep cringing, the wry smile wore to see leaf's one eye for autumn and hurriedly stood, don't dare to show old headman oneself inside ground in cup tea-leaf.
This tea-leaf is what old man sub- oneself take off, again the nest personally stir-fries in the tea farmer of, at ordinary times baby of impending, he this pupil to only drink an of water, if show him leaf steeped his tea for autumn, not with others try very hard to can not.
The old headman is washing the action of rinsing the chamber pot to suddenly stop, smelt smell with the nose, fiercely raised head to stare at a leaf an autumn, scolded a way:"Good boy unexpectedly dares to steal to steep my tea-leaf.You is a deaf person?Have never heard me to talk?"
"What did the master son just say?"The autumn of the leaf one face fan the Mang ground ask Chen Huai En.
"?"Chen Huai En sees a teacher, and then sees for autumn, the leaf says:"Seem to say to let we make tea to drink by ourselves."
"Smelly boy, were you my senile person?Does the oneself's words all can not remember clearly Chu?"Master son says, grasp the chamber pot of beginning the inside dynasty leaf the autumn rushed toward to come over.
The autumn of the leaf frighteneds, if be buttonned up in the head by this trick, all canning not eating any more thing for 12 months was afraid.
The autumn of the leaf carries tea and drinks to run for the dynasty doorway and scolds a way:"You this old headman is also too stingy.This contain jade grass and isn't what baby of thing.Drink one cup how?Say again, you this kind of of contain jade grass me am still lazy to drink."
The old headman embraces chamber pot to stand on the step, interrogative that the ground looking at for autumn, the leaf says:"Do you know that this is to contain jade grass?"
"I not only know that this am to contain jade grass, but also know that this is the containing of failure jade grass."The autumn of the leaf closed lightly an one mouthful.Nakedly says.
Old headman at ordinary times have to idea ground two matter sons are research curio and tea-leaf.People of this world knows an iron view sound in longjing, how can anyone know way is this kind of containing jade grass the saint article that does tea?
Oneself the unexpectedly the most satisfied matter son but be been not worth a damn by this ground, the old man sub- facial expression suppresses of is red.Glower Jing to say:"Boy, if you can speak this failure with the jade grass, I today Rao you.If you can not say it, you to me roll ground far and far.Those problem you need not asked me and loved to ask who ask who.""Teacher, the leaf autumn is small generation, you are old to hold the same kind of view with him----"Chen Huai En comes forward to advise a way.
"Shut up for me."The old man son Xun scolds a way.The still true darling of Chen Huai En so famous scholar shuts up not to dare to talk.
The autumn of the leaf closed lightly one mouthful tea again.Just say:"The failure includes three.A, pick of time is failure.You must be pick at 6:00 a.m. of?"
"Yes.How?Is time why not right?"
"Picking time should is 9:00.Contain jade at 6:00 the path inside roughly still imply dew, but dew although this kind of thing look the radiant and extremely keen, but in imply miscellaneous.Even if stir-frying is dry, still keep influencing tea quality.But 9:00 time pick.The sun in that time just came out soon, very moderate, can evaporate dew, and can't the sunburn leaf's path."

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