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The autumn of the leaf also knows that his/her own identity easily brings person trouble, can last night's circumstance really the Xuan Qi amaze too much, the cloth cloth is again a woman who very has magic power-----Is all right, I am to think ascend she, your ability I what?
Jackie Chan's eldest brother is checked is private to give birth to a female, use of lend BE:He makes a mistake that man will make.
Yes, false men like this will make.The certain person packs more to force some.
This has no sage in the world, but the most is mean person and Yue the cluster is not.(Yue not cluster, word, a kind of be covered with sheepskin of cruel and carnivorous animal.)
"Is noisy what noisy?Still let to make people go to bed not?----Alas!, my leg is numb."The cloth master been sleeping soundly the son suddenly and in a dazely open eyes, the hand moves in the quilt and seem is slightly knocking that quilt to play the leg of breaking through the knee.
The autumn of the leaf and cloth cloth frightened, 2 people bomb ground one pour at bed up, receive himself/herself with the quilt, the cloth cloth still stretches leg backward Chuai leaf autumn, let him hurriedly get up.
The cloth master son is like the voice that is poured on the bed by 2 people to the attraction, open eyes to see come over, immediately stare big eyes.
"Grandpa, are you awake?"The cloth cloth smiles to say "hello" with grandpa, that facial expression heel at cry.
The autumn of the leaf is busy to wear pants in the bedding, but the button of leather belt button up at the clothes of cloth cloth went up, how Ye all the Ye don't drop.
"How did you sleep in a bed?"The cloth master son wants to climb and wants the implicating of leg of getting hurt.Can force to start to support greater half body.
"Grandpa, we----All sleep ground in clothes."Cloth cloth the bitterness wear face explanation.All don't know thus of lend is how to want out ground.
"Wear clothes how?Be covered with the bed none of quilt to go.My silly granddaughter.I once told you, you not ability drive this boy to cheat.Don't see he see the ground having delicate looks of, isn't a good person-----It is quick to climb for me."
Cloth cloth double eye desire Qi, want to climb from the bed.
Cloth master son but toward cloth cloth to put a hand, say:"Granddaughter, I not is say you.I am to say you after death that boy.Ah, I say, didn't your boy hear my words?The hustling along rolls for me.Still is moving?Do you move again?It move me again but be shouting a person."
Shout and shout to break throat also Be getting more useless.
Don't know how of.The autumn of the leaf suddenly thinks of the classic stage dialogue of television television inside.
Your granddaughters all have already relation happened with me and shout of loudly can also make her change to return to virgin again not become?
The autumn of the leaf is very not easy to give° the leather belt to button up up.Then since the bed jumped down, the barefoot Ya son runs to the floor up to wear shoe.
"Smelly boy.Clearly once told you, forbid and my granddaughter talk, you pour well, also cheat my granddaughter to go to bed."
The autumn of the leaf really wants to answer criticism cloth master son and says to is what his granddaughter climbs to go to bed by himself[herself].But may hurt cloth cloth so.Have to apology ground to compensate to smile, say:"Master son, are you awake?We didn't do what, just trapped too much, lay together and slept for a night just."
"Ha ha, you are old Be free like, I still have lesson today and returned to first."The autumn of the leaf turns round to looking at cloth cloth again and says:"Does wanting don't go out to buy some breakfast for you?"
"Need not."Cloth cloth although in the mind multitude of feelings surges up.The brain inside also became a pot of gruel indiscriminately.But in grandpa's in front, she still must does an as if nothing has occurred appearance.
The autumn of the leaf runs to arrive to protect inside equipment ground in sickroom especially a bathing inside.After putting on a pair of with cool water a face, look in the eyes Piao the cloth cloth is one eye, see her not and intentionally transfer vision to set up for what have never taken place as well ground appearance, and then towarded master son to give repeated advice to severals, then fell panic but escape.
This how have illicit love with oneself, was discovered by somebody else's husband?
The leaf stands the autumn the big ground breathes ground in the Yan city in the morning and has some lonesomely in the yard air, the small voice says.
The cloth cloth sleeps oneself over of bed quilt to spreads to open a cover on the bed, although doing not fall is red, bed sheet top but have 2 people the ground the love liquid.

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