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"A little bit popular son says be, since you are soft don't get up, that has been using just a strength son, went forward courageously a ground of attack, deathless endlessly.If you can make the words that this is some, perhaps I also can't so quickly throw down you go to.Just as I am seeing you using soft dint Chuai your shoulder one feet just remind."
"Unexpectedly you suddenly give up the boxing method that you excels and turn but use that to recruit to wring neck feet.See the ground come out and recruit to ascend here you are to put forth effort.The foot has 32 years of bitterness to do?But this and you more than 10 year ground does the chirping of birds spring compare,can more acquaint with?Does the power of the chirping of birds spring cannot compare with it or you think?"
"Have no not and well martial arts, just don't know the practice of use.As long as you know to improvise, most simple and directly the recruit type can also develop the biggest power.You very learn, and learn a ground of thing again very miscellaneous, this is the good matter son, also a bad matter son."
"If canning match them a ground of is good, can with it the never thought that ground defeat opponent.But you now-seem to have no this ability.Just want to duly use, but from disorderly feet.Leaf's tiger, this of you still rather we had a competition last time of you.Are you understand?If shine on if this continues, you learn of the thing is more many, your real strenght will be more bad."
"Is too handsome.How probably so handsome?"Looking at in the on the stage Kuo Kuo but talk of leaf autumn, Lin Bao Er feels keeps emitting in his/her own eyes little stars.The autumn of the leaf more and more approached the prince charming's image in her heart.
Tang Guo doesn't arrive as well where go to, oneself likes of the man can express so excellent, the in the mind was like to drink honey similar sweet.
The leaf lies on the body Sou Sou on the ground tiger to shiver, the hands clench fist to put out strength son ground to pound shot to hit the ground noodles, the eye socket is moist, the tears spread all over so whole thick Kuang ground face.
"After hurt a to you, I more and more of effort.Think the square tries ground to study more things.I think to learn ground more many-----I more severe.But have never thought, I learn more much, hurt ground more many.I think that being that I ain't enough is diligent, then studies other things-----Originally I walked into a dead beard together."
Use blood and sweat and time heap the Che get up of martial skill, but will it a districts to fail.Always, his thinking is he to learn a ground of much notter enough, much notter enough.Then accept more things more diligently.But the failure is still inseparable.
Sometimes, he even will think, whether oneself really isn't suitable for to do force.
Fail and the confidence ground falter to bite force to one such as life ground man come to say, than the knife mow to shoot more of pain and sufferings 1000000%.
Today but someone tell he or she to be getting wronger, and tell oneself wrong where, lead to successful road for oneself.No wonder that leaf's tiger will pleased pole but Qi.
Leaf's tiger suddenly and violently struggles, the hands support ground and neglect back such as ground general ache, bite a tooth, use whole body of energy, finally climbed from the ground.
The leaf tiger kneels to pour to the leaf autumn, the Mao Mao Mao ground Ke 3 ring a head and loudly shout a way:"Thank you to point out where is wrong path, please accept me as Tu."
The Yan pleasant breeze takes a group of persons to rush incoming of time, see exactly this act.
Leaf's tiger, does the man of leaf's house also want to stand at him?
Yan pleasant breeze face top although is smiling, can corner of mouth but tiny have muscular spasms.
The view of Yan pleasant breeze has been staying around a leaf body for autumn up, pull a leaf in leaf's tiger autumn backward at the time that hospital walked, he kept in mind.Just everyone was discussing today's subject at that time, oneself also not good jilted so to walk person.
This subject comparison breadth is suffused with, the effort that didn't don't hope big guy son in a short while can figure out that 3510 good plans come out.Some persons who have viewpoint said a few words, other person most partses were all silent to have no voice.
Although is informal to discuss, also not ability too much light Tiao.Although say that this is high and lowly a salon that doesn't divide a military,the noodles contains many ranking officers here, if leave an impression of flightiness for them, the later future prospects doomed.

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