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Although would not like to admit, he also knows, own mood is getting more disorderly.All don't know that oneself is worrying what, oneself clearly has at up breeze of.
Weather.Land utilization.Person and.All at oneself this place, will lose?
The discussion link that in a hurry ends today, the Yan pleasant breeze then takes a group of people backward hospital to walk.The back yard is a synthetic training mansion, not only only have greatly medium small scaled boxing ring, various training equipments of each kind also all have whole.
Sometimes the Yan pleasant breeze will also take friend to this place to play a gun or beat shot, a month in place like this is used a words are really some too wasted.
See a house doorway stand two attendants, the Yan pleasant breeze knows leaf's tiger, they affirm in this house.
Stay calm and collected the ground come over here, the Xun scolds those two staff members.The voice scathingly says:"Who make you lazy?Not and well at in serve, rush out to hide stem?"
Those two staff members all know the position of Yan pleasant breeze, which dare be lazy in his under one's eyes.Although frighten, 2 people still keep stammerly explaining, is a guest to make them guard in ground in the doorway.
The Yan pleasant breeze doesn't treat them to talk more as well.Have already without extra trouble pushed away a room door.Those two staff members this just thinks of the guest of inside to disallow the order that the other people go in.Can they does that have a courage to come over to give° the Yan pleasant breeze to kick out?
Can lower the head a Gong body ground the end noodles that hide in the troops, hoping can't have what self-contradict conflict.Otherwise their affirming is a scapegoat.Skin that is also deathless to want to take off 1 F.
The Yan pleasant breeze comes in of time, exactly leaf's tiger kneels in the leaf autumn in front and kowtows for a ground of time.This appearance has shocking very much and lets the his ground thinking all have a short moment ground the deadlock for an instant.
All of the persons who can get into iron blood club are the Jiao sons of skies, regardless is a life experience or hereafter the ground development prospect is all very nice.All of these people are hearts Gao Qi Ao's generation, say a soft words with others it's all very difficult, leaf's tiger today is take a wrong medicine?
How can the man from ground in leaf's house kneel down?
How can the man of leaf's house kowtow for an outsider?
Leaf's house have already stood to leaf does the autumn there go?
It not only is only a Yan pleasant breeze.The other follows an incoming person to also all see of gape.This year man courted to all seldom kneel down to the woman, did the this leaf tiger brain enter water?
The Yan pleasant breeze knows that oneself suddenly intrudes into to come to explain what, diligently quell endocentric motion, say with a smile:"What is this a stem?Leaf tiger brothers how?Kneel to become here what appearance?Hand quickly."
Hide ground the staff member is going to the Chan hand leaf's tiger at the behind, but drive leaf the tiger push away by himself/herself.
The leaf who crabbily looking at high on the stage autumn, say:"Please accept me as Tu.You teach to my thing today, already more than a matter sons that teacher should do."
The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head and says:"I don't accept disciple.You the apprehensibility my words good."
The Yan pleasant breeze no longer talks and stands under the stage to smilingly conjecture 2 people's performance.
The person, who follows leaf's tiger to come over together, clearly saw a leaf's tiger getting hurt.Want to come forward to start to hand him.But see the appearance that he insists and hesitate.The female captain of violet squad one stands on the part, there is no grandstand top ground leaf autumn.Didn't also see kneel last leaf's tiger at the ground, eyes still had no burnt head.
The triangle eye of green snake gleams to shoot a person ground color, but the camel is in whisper and wildly talking."Is strong to have no under charge weak soldier, isn't this sentence anti- to also say?The remarkable artistic skill that fixs Luo, has never thought his main son also very get of appearance."
Is wildly cold to hum 1, three before acrossing, the Yang at first looking at a leaf for autumn and icily says:
I want to challenge you."
Hurting in fixing Luo's hand last time always was in the crazy larynx such as a sting sort Geng.Especially their head son----That decadent woman says that he changes ground more doughtily time.
The main son that can vanquish to fix Luo, this enemy should be report very thoroughly.
The autumn of the leaf doesn't imagine a zoo panda be rounded a view, time is about to come off stage, hear the underneath someone's challenge.See is crazy, smiled to shake to shake head.
"Why?"It is wildly great anger.Start a challenge be refused is a very embarrassedly affair.

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