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The crazy facial expression is great anger, the positive strategic area goes up and leaf the autumn try very hard to of time, arm but drive flank of person to pull.
"Green snake, do you want to do what?"The crazy eyes dew intention to murder ground says.His honest to the captain of violet, other teammates never in his eyes, even, if need, he will the Hao not show consideration ground to kill off them.
"This battle hands over to me."The green snake says with a smile.The smiling face in the triangle eye lets the public living a cold idea.He originally would not liked to so early make moves, if the artistic skill that can stand on the underneath to have a look a leaf for autumn appears on stage again, the successful opportunity is also a little bit larger.
Just just the Yan pleasant breeze beat a look in the eyes to him, he has to appear on stage.
Although he is the member of violet squad,his loyalty is on Yan pleasant breeze.He wants to become the next captain of violet squad, this is his best choice.
This is the green snake to appear on stage to the person's felling, public feels at present one flower, the green snake has already silently had no voice interest ground to slip away a boxing ring up, is like a snake that incubates in the deep grass general.
The Yan pleasant breeze originally also wants to receive everyone has a competition to a little bit big boxing rings, both parties are with swords unsheathed and bows drawn, do so again now some surpluses.
If the green snake can kill off him just like, oneself after also hasing no a necessity stay again recruited.
See one act that leaf's tiger kneel in leaf autumn in front with resolute look, the heart of Yan pleasant breeze is biggest moved.Always, he note growth of leaf autumn in the view by the action that sees clown performance, is generally like a worker ant at 1.1:00 storage really dint, waiting for one day can trip over elephant.
But the elephant was really too strong, will the powder body that he tramples ground bone.Now is seen, the Yan pleasant breezes all doubt oneself is be not to he too kindness and slight.
He goes together with to be his own opponent.
Leaf autumn saw one eye green snake, cant not bear to the heart keep on seeing again.The triangle head goes together with a triangle eye, this your looks really is up don't get set noodles.And the naked head shines in glory in the light the Shan deliver green light, is as general as snake skin, arrive of make people greatly spoil appetite.
And snake strange Yin, this guy eye socket is green black, eyelid puffiness, seem necessarily and is best the guy of sex.
"We once saw."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.The in the mind has already made a decision to take this guy to have operation.
Force in the Duo Duo of opponent under, he has to send out his own voice in the Yan city by thunderbolt means.
"This time, you have already done not so well control breath."Eyes of green snake,such as Mian needle, generally in leaf's autumn body up conjecture, let a leaf for autumn all over of uneasiness.
"Seemed last time is also that you threw a car to escape?"The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to say."Is it all right to start?Or need assize?"
"Start."The green snake says, body already vivid out and away to the next dish attack in leaf autumn past.His shape has no leaf Gao for autumn, action again quickly astonishing, attack next the dish is quite the cheese however of choice.
Motionless then already, move if take off son.No wonder that this person can encourage in the violet squad of strong person's and become well-deserved of trump card.
When he hurtles to come over with all strength, the leaf autumns all felt the speed that his/her own eyes want to fall behind him.
World fighting skill don't break only and quickly.The autumn of the leaf is quickly also the martial that an offend a type, but and the speed of the green snake compare with, unexpectedly be still slightly worse.
The hand of green snake is going to catch a leaf for autumn of leather belt, drive leaf the autumn is cave the belly to go in to move out of the way.Unexpectedly a shot not, his another shot has already got ready.Hands at assault a leaf for autumn of eye pupil son of time, descending the dish right foot already lightning flash sort of kick a past unique door toward the acrossing of leaf autumn department Liao Yin leg?
Or because Tang Guo stands under the stage, probably is that oneself's inspiration is sudden, the leaf autumn also used this to recruit just.
One is stuffy to ring bottom, 2 people's calf very heavily bumps shot together.
The green snake strength isn't enough, the body a little bit fluttered two times.The autumn of the leaf pours is no harm, would not like to pass up this opportunity, turn passive become on one's own initiative, hurtled to pass by to the green snake.

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