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Tang Guo will definitely see ground with relish.Can this one party that fights is the man whom oneself likes now, the circumstance was greatly motionless.Although feel this ground fascinatingly matchless, let her greatly open new vista, but she pours is rather fight hurry be over, and leaf autumn must victory the good person wants to win a bad person.
In Tang Guo's heart, relate to good leaf autumn nature with oneself is a good person, that is longly difficult to see and run to challenge a ground of green snake on one's own initiative is a big bad egg.Say again, he is long the ground is like bad egg very much.
Tang Guo's nerve tightly collapses, a heart hangs ground tightly.Catch Lin Bao Er ground the hand be all insensibly making an effort.
Lin Bao Er's pouring is that the look in the eyes is brightly shining, black eye pupil a blink don't blink ground to stare at boxing on the stage Long Teng Hu jump ground 2 people combat.Small mouth tiny piece, meat of arm drive Tang Guo to grasp an a way traces with red Yus don't realize.
Other persons but is as if deep in thought the ground is 2 people who conjecture on the stage, they not only only pay attention to of is this combat, but is this fights back of some things.
Although the green snake is the person of violet squad, he always and the Yan pleasant breeze keep closely contact.Does he quickly jump to go out,is a suggesting of Yan pleasant breeze this time?
So 2 people's relation's combining don't seem to be just to meet that being getting warmer and affectionate of sort, even still have some to resent Xi just right.
The autumn of the leaf but is attentively to cope with superior before fixing attention on all over, now that stood out to want to contend for with others, that worked well to greet various mental state preparation that each kind challenges.
The green snake can become trump card in the violet squad, the real strenght really has its not vulgar place.
Ye Qiu knows that he is to offend opponent quickly, and this also what little more than oneself excels.The green snake isn't leaf's tiger, leaf autumn and he nothing important friendship, nature can't the hands hide at behind wait for attackstoning of the other party.
The body form is one Shan.The autumn of the leaf unexpectedly turns passive is active.Rushing toward toward the green snake is past.
Now that you excel to offend quickly.That keeps company with throughout.
The leaf autumn one punch hits a nose toward the green snake ground.Science proves.Person ground the bridge is most flimsily a body one of the parts.To their these superiors.As long as is a little bit wound opponent.That victory that is promise well to obtain end ground.
The green snake raised to held up leaf's this boxing for autumn.On the contrary make use of oneself ground low altitude advantage and then from bottom dish feet attack leaf autumn.
Ye Qiu knows that he cannot compares with himself/herself on the strength.That is also as polite as he.Also honestly raise feet to bump to pass by with him.
2 people ground the calf again touch together and send out such as heavy the thing fall to the ground of voice.
The eyebrows of green snake is wrinkly wrinkly, also neglect to hate the ache on the leg.Again round leg to leaf the autumn Ta is past.
The autumn of the leaf is still similar to the last time, raise a leg to mutually face.
Bang bang bang ground voice lingers in the ears, 2 people seem who also refuse to concede defeat, when the last dish dismantles to recruit mutually, descending the dish is together like a sort ground to not and desperately bump shot.Once, two, three times----
In a row collided 20 for many times after, the green snake canned not hold up.The body is tiny to flutter, a feet hit the ground, the body quickly retreats two, that and leaf the autumn bump the right foot that the shot leads at tiny shiver.
Need not see green snake also know, this leg is swollenly affirmative not person's form.Green snake's pouring is to really want to draw back pants to see, but this and admit defeat to have oneself to distinguish?
His unique proud lie in he's ground this body artistic skill, if this also fell to hurt, he still had what be provided for person to make use of of value?Is long ground of and then not handsome, can not be like a leaf under charge for autumn in the middle of that flower animals' generally having no matter ground can also betray he or she's sex appeal for time.
Just let the green snake doesn't understand of BE.Is the anti- stroke ability of this guy how can so severe?Purely bone and bone strength collision is an ache is hard to carry on most .Oneself can insist so several feet because the organization ground crary type trains.He again depend what insist so long?
The time that again sees an autumn toward the leaf, the green snake clearly laid up the heart of slight.

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